It’s that time of the year when setting resolutions is in vogue. Positive energy is abundant, and everyone is looking forward to the opportunities and challenges ahead with fierce determination. It is uplifting, yes, but let’s be real, a new year becomes old news quicker than you can say Jack Robinson!

So how do you maintain a positive mindset long after people have stopped talking about it? How do you make sure that you haven’t forgotten about your resolution when the world is in full swing and fresher trends have rolled in?
I hope you have taken some time off to think about it. What do you want or yourself in 2018? It is said that if you don’t know where you’re going, then you go nowhere. Call it resolutions, goals, or planning. For me this process of reflective thinking is a must to set good tone for the months to follow and mentally prepare myself for success. It’s a simple way to bring yourself back to earth after a long holiday and ensure that you’re cognizant of how you spend your time from here on forward.

If you didn’t quite get there yet, worry ye not!  It’s not too late to start off the year the boss kind of way. Below I’ve listed
5 tips to help you through this process. Let’s jump into it!

1.Make it personal
Setting goals to sound impressive is a definite method to ensure you’ve forgotten it all come February. It’s not about “flexing”, it’s about the substance behind it all that will make it stick. It’s important to know the why behind every goal you set. This will push or pull you towards the right path and serve as a source of motivation way after the excitement of a new year has faded. Look at areas where you want to improve yourself, or
alternatively, choose to develop a quality in line with your vision and future best self. You can also divide you goals into categories- i.e. Spiritual, Relationships, Academics, Physical and Mental Health. This step requires some reflection, so go ahead and find some space where you won’t be interrupted, put on some music and dig deep.

2. Be specific 
Say exactly what you want, when you want it and how you’re going to get there.

3. Write it down
Writing your goals down transforms them from airy fairy ideas in your head into something concrete that you can work with. It adds some seriousness. This can be intimidating, especially if your goal requires you to step out
of you comfort zone. Do it anyway! Don’t water it down into something you feel is within your reach. The plan is to grow through this process. If it doesn’t challenge you, then you’re not doing it right.
Write it in your journal, create a mood board (for those of us who are more visual and like to be creative), or make it your password for your phone, computer or the social networks that you use. Whatever suits your

4. Give yourself a reality check
It’s not going to be sunshine and rainbows all the time which is why you need to be prepared for the downs as much as you anticipate the highlights. You don’t want to be discouraged at the first sign of trouble. Things will happen, but you will survive and do so much better if you learn from your failures instead of letting those moments define you.

5. Put your plan into action
Get working! Don’t wait for the perfect time or you will never start. And if you don’t start you will not accomplish anything. Pursue daily activities in line with what you want to accomplish. Those daily efforts will add up and you will thank yourself later.

I hope this helps. I wish you all the best in whatever you pursue. May your achievements be so beyond your imagination that it’s almost unbelievable!
Thank you for visiting. Until next time, Happy New Year!